3-4 t/h Wood scraps pellets production line in Indonesia

We establish one 3-4 t/h Wood scraps pellets production line in Indonesia. The raw material is wood scraps. The moisture of raw material is 50%. We use Drum wood chipper BX218, Efficiency hammer mill GXP65*100, Dryer, LD700 1.5-2t/h pellet mill, Cooler SKLN2.5, Small packing machine DCS-A50

3-4 t/h Wood scraps pellets production line in Indonesia

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Raw material Wood scrapsThe moisture of raw material 50%
Output requirements 3-4t/hModel we use Drum wood chipper BX218
Efficiency hammer mill GXP65*100
LD700 1.5-2t/h pellet mill
Cooler SKLN2.5
Small packing machine DCS-A50

Wood scraps pellets production line Process introduction

1.Rough crushing: use wood chipper machine breaks white pine logs into 3-8cm wood chips

2.Fine crushing: grinding the 3-8cm wood chips into 3-5mm saw dust

3.Drying: The dryer reduces the moisture content of the crushed wet wood dust from 50% to 10-15%

4.Pelletizing: the pellet mill machine will make the dried wood chips into pellets through pure physical extrusion

5.Cooling: The cooler cools the finished pellets to natural temperature

6.Packaging: the packing machine packs the cooled pellets

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