Multifunction Hammer Mill

The hammer mill is a device that uses high-speed rotating hard and high-toughness alloy hammers to beat and crush materials to produce small-sized materials. The hammer-type high-efficiency hammer mill is widely used in various industries such as biomass fuel, pharmacy, chemical industry, scientific research, feed organic fertilizer, breeding, etc.Small-Wood-Crusher-D-Series
It is suitable for grinding various forestry and agricultural wastes such as biological straw, straw, wood chips and wood branches. The high-efficiency hammer mill has become an important auxiliary equipment in the production process of biomass briquette because of its high speed, good stability, collective sturdiness and durability, simple operation and maintenance, and satisfactory energy-to-output ratio.

Multifunction Hammer Mill Features

  • The wood crusher machine will be passed by the dynamic balance testing, the error of hammers is within 0.2g, which can guarantee the machine runs stabely.
  • Bearing block of wood crusher is made of bearing steel. The bearing block is big and wide, which makes sure that the hammer mill run stably.
  • The materials of hammers is tungsten carbide spot welding. The hammers of hammer mill is thick; the effect is better.
  • The discharge port of wood hammer mill is high and the material is not blocked
  • Feed inlet of wood hammer mill with anti-caulking baffle to prevent material collapse
  • Hammer mill feeding materials vertically, feeding smoothly


Multifunction Hammer Mill Specification

Main Motor (kw)37/5555/7590/110
Capacity (T/H)1-21.5-2.52.5-3.5
Hammers Qty (Pcs)487296
 Cyclone (mm)ø1000ø1200ø1500
Dust Collector (Bag)364860
 Fan (kw)111522

Working Principle


DFS series cutter head shredder is a wood shredding machine that integrates the functions of chipper and hammer shredder.


It is used to process wood, branches, and other raw materials into sawdust or sawdust at one time. The feeding port is large, which is suitable for raw materials that cannot be processed by the hammer mill.


It has many advantages such as small size, small footprint, low investment, high return, low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy use and maintenance.



1-1.5 T/H Sanding Powder Pellets Production Line In Indonesia

  • LD560A 1-1.5t/h pellet mill, Cooler SKLN2.5, Small packing machine DCS-A50
  • Granulation section: the granulator will make the sanding powder into granules through pure physical extrusion
  • Cooling section: The cooler cools the finished particles to natural temperature
  • Packing section: the packing machine packs the cooled particles
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