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Release time : 2019-06-21

Now we have a whole Pellet Production Line completed, and it will be soon delivered to our client in Indonesia.

Why our customers finally chose us? Because we are a professional Pellet Machine with high quality machines and competitive price. Even every clients are strict with the quality, the are all convinced by the superb performance of our extraordinary MC560 Pellet Mill!

Sometimes size does matter, a bigger machine with reliable quality and stable yield will always be your most favorable choice! We now have the MC850 Pellet Mill in stock that can produce at least 3 Tons of perfectly shaped pellet, and it on sale! The big machine is will always the representative of the factory strength, and this machine will never let you down!

Now we have established business relations with many clients in Indonesia, and our machines have gained reputation for us!

Before pellet machines deliver ,we will do the machine testing in our warehouse, to ensure the machines can properly operating at customer side. The machines' quality and yield are all guaranteed by us!

For our pellet machine testing video ,please check at :

Your visit and feedback is always highly valued by us, and hope we can do business with you!

We trust that our experience and intimate knowledge of this line will entitle us to your confidence.


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