Thailand customer inspecting waste board crusher machine May 24 ,2017

Release time : 2017-05-25

Thailand customer inspect our waste board /Pallet crushing machine

Last month ,one of our customer from Thailand come to our factory and bought one set of waste board crusher machine .This machine is used for crushing the construction waste board ,pallet into small pieces chips ,which can be used for burn and supply heat for  the power plant and boiler.Now our crusher machine is ready for delivery ,and he comes to our factory to inspect our quality .

Machine pictures from different directions:

construction board crushing machine waste board crusher machine

pallet crushing machine wood chipper for pallet

The function of our crusher machine : process the waste board,construction board ,pallet to wood chips

the process of wood crusher machine ,processing waste board ,pallet to small pieces chips

Customer testing our waste board crushing machine :

Thailand customer checking the quallity of our crusher machine Thailand customer checking the performance of our wood crusher machine

Machines details :

Electric cabinet :

Electric cabinet of the crusher machine

Output conveyor :

output conveyor of the pallet crushing machine

Oil pump and motor ,special plywood packages ,protect machines from long distance sea shipment damages :

waste board crusher machine oil pump

At the end of the output conveyor ,there is magnetic roller ,to remove the metal from the waste board .

pallet crusher machine magnetic roller

Details -Pursuit for quality perfection :

best quality wood chipper machine from Yantai Lida good quality wood chipper machine

wood chips making machine good quality wood chipper

Customer is very satisfied with our quality of construction board crushing machine :

Thailand customer satisfied with our wodo crusher machine quality

Our waste board ,pallet crusher machine working video :

 Pallet crusher machine ,waste board crusher machine

We trust that our experience and intimate knowledge of this line will entitle us to your confidence.


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