Problems of investing in straw pellet Production

Release time : 2019-06-28

Straw piling is a serious problem for many agricultural countries. The straw piles occupy the land, hinder the seeding works. In the old days, farmers usually just burn the straw, but it will cause serious air pollution, and the ember without Phosphorus and Nitrogen will reduce soil fertility. Thus, comprehensive utilization of straw will be an important solution.

  Nowadays, lots of people are considering investing in a straw pellet production factory to make a profit, and gained their success. Many countries like the United State and China now have the subsidy policy for producing straw pellets. It provides a reasonable amount of energy, so it will be used as an important substitute of coal. Using the Pellet Mill, you can just turn the agricultural waste into treasures.

  But there are some serious problems existing. First, comparing to the wood sawdust pellets, straw pellets’ calorific value are lower. Calorific values of wood pellets are around 4000 KCal per Kilo, but the straw pellets are around 3000 Kcal per Kilo. So it affects the price, apparently the price of straw pellet will be cheaper. Second, because of the alkali metal content (especially the Potassium) of straw pellet is higher, it may do harm to the boiler, because the alkali dust melts more easily and cokes on boilers. Third, although the straw material is free, it can only be gathered in special seasons; besides, the farms are scattered, so the transport charge will rise. So is you want to invest in a straw pellet factory, you must take these factors in to consider!

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