Lida Pellet Machine Guarantee for customers abroad

Release time : 2017-05-10

Lida Pellet Machine Guarantee for customers abroad -Written after visit to Malaysia in April 2017

Last month ,we spend one week to one of our customers in Malaysia Sabah ,although they didn't buy our machines before ,we sent engineers to see and offer our solutions to them according to their situation .

Malaysia pellet layout

Their factory is one local wood board manufacturing factory ,processing Albizia wood ,every day generate a lot of waste wood and skins .

wood materials for making wood pellet

malaysia materials for making wood pellet waste wood skins for making wood pellet

They want to recycle these waste to make more profit ,So two years before ,they buy machines from other supplier in China ,spend about USD 1.5 Million .But after visiting their factory ,we find many problems for their pellet production line ,and their production line is now stop for repair ,which bring them endless loss in profit ,their main problems are below :

1. Total line design is disorganized ,their plant is very big ,about 60000㎡ ,but their plant still looks small ,because their design is not ordered .

wood chipper machine for making pellet ,5ton/hour heating stove for making pellet ,supply heat for the dryer

2. Total line sawdust problem is very serious ,the working environment of workers is very bad .They did not take any measures about the sawdust proof ,which will cause very big problems for customers .

sawdust problems while the operation of the wood pellet production line sawdust problems while the pellet production

3. Their horizontal pellet machine can not make very good pellet ,their pellets are very short and with many cracks ,of course ,it's impossible for customer to sell pellets with very good price .

horizontal pellet mill is not suitable for biomass pellet production small wood pellets made by horizontal pellet mill

bad quality pellet made by our customer wood pellets in bags

After detailed discussion with customers ,we worked out a new solution for their pellet plant ,total line is 3ton/hour pellet production line ,its advantages are sawdust proof ,and space and cost saving .Total line space size is 14*80meters ,including material warehouse .Our vertical ring die pellet production line can solve  the customer problems throughly and will bring more profit to customer .

Lida 3t/hour wood pellet production line ,without sawdust ,and space saving

Customer is very satisfied with our solution ,and we have confirmed new order for replace and enlarge the pellet production line capacity .

We always believe ,customer trust is valuable ,we will never abandon customers after sale .And always believe ,after-sales service is just the beginning between our cooperation .The customer satisfaction is our pursuit. We will try our best to make profit for our customers ,who believe in us ~~

Lida pellet machinery has strong after-sales service team Lida pellet machinery has very strong engineers team

We trust that our experience and intimate knowledge of this line will entitle us to your confidence.


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