How to invest in a pellet fuel plant

Release time : 2019-06-06

Nowadays more and more countries have strict restrictions of using fossil fuel to generate power because of the pollution. Thus, investing a biomass pellet fuel factory seems to be a favorable scenario. But things are much complicated when it comes to running a factory. So if you want to establish your business, you’d better be aware of these points.

First, you need to purchase the whole production line so that you can start producing pellets .The whole procedure is that, you should crash the wood in to chips, and grind wood chips into saw dust, finally, press the sawdust in to pellets or granules. The cost depends on your material. If you want to process sawdust, you may only need Pellet Mill, Cooler and Packing Machine. If you want to process wood chips, you should add Hammer Mill to make saw dust. If you want to use logs or other wastes, you will need Wood Chipper or a bigger Comprehensive Crusher to pulverize these materials. So, it depends on the procedure where you want to start, the more machines you purchase, the more cost you must spend.

Second, you should consider about the quality of the machines. Normally, one single Ring Die Pellet Mill can keep making pellet the whole day. So, excellent workmanship means low mal-function rate and high yield rate. Apart from the machine, you should also beware of the operating of the machine. If the wood materials are mixed with iron nails or other metals, it will do harm to the machines, affect the quality of pellets.

Last but most important, you should consider about the yield and profit. Many power plants now can consume large bulks of biomass pellet fuels, and also many suppliers are trying hard to sell their product. So the market is very big, but the competition is also very intensive. So we must keep improving the quality of pellet and our services, to be more competitive!

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