How to be competitive in biomass pellet industry

Release time : 2019-08-14

Nowadays many countries have their policy to encourage using biomass fuels like sawdust briquettes and pellets. Thus starting a biomass pellet factory to produce relative products becomes a good idea for your business. However, problems occurred for many factories, and some situations even caused serious loss. To avoid these problems, we shall be aware of these points, so we can gain our success.

The dust is an important problem. When using dried sawdust to make pellet, it generates lots of flying dust. Not only does it do harm to workers health, but also it will cause serious accident when come across with fire. So Dust Free Production is an inevitable trend for biomass fuel industry. By using our newest dust collecting system and environment protecting device, we can make you a total dust free production area, and make your operation more efficient and safer.

Also, to sell your pellets, you need to rightly aim at the market you need. Just make sure the criterion of your customers, do they distribute pellet, or use for individual, or use for power generating. Different customers requires different  pellets. Also, please enlarge your vision, potential users are in all different industries, and never neglect them. Biomass pellet are now proved to be excellent heating source, where there needs heat, there is market.

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