Factors that affect the pellet quality

Release time : 2019-06-12

Factors that affect the pellet quality


Problems will always happen for a pellet production factory, and one of the most annoying problems might be the pellets are not formed. It will lower the yield of pellet fuel, bring loss to the factory. Thus, in order to avoid this problem, factory should paying high attention to these factors.

1. Material Texture.  The type of raw material not only affects the quality of the forming, such as the density, strength, and calorific value of the forming block, but also affects the output and power consumption of the Pellet Mill. The wood itself has high lignin content and can bond at a high temperature of 80 degrees, so the formation of wood chips does not require the addition of any binder. Thus, normally we recommend you to use wood sawdust to make pellets.

2. Material Moisture.  The moisture content of the raw material is another important factor. Too high or too low a moisture content of the raw material does not allow the pellet to form well. If the moisture is too high, the heat transfer rate of the biomass will be lowered, which will not only affect the heat transfer, but also the high-pressure steam will be formed after vaporization of the evaporated water in the pores of the molding die, which hinders the normal formation of the pellets; if the moisture content is too low, it not only needs to be high. The molding pressure also increases the energy consumption of the biomass during the drying process. Therefore, for the pellet-forming fuel, the moisture content of the raw material is generally required to be about 15% to 25%.

3. Degree of Milling   Generally, a raw material having a small particle size is easily compressed, and a raw material having a large particle size is difficult to be compressed. That is, the smaller the particle size, the easier it is to form. However, if it is too small, there will be too much powder and short molding particles. Therefore, the particle size of the raw material should be controlled to ensure that the strength is small and it is easy to suppress, and the lignin capable of fully releasing the wood chips can be sufficiently released. For finished pellet fuels having a diameter of 8-10 mm, the raw material is usually required to have a particle size of 3-5 mm. The particle size of the raw material also affects the efficiency of the Pellet Mill and the quality of the shaped product. For example, when the particle size of the raw material is large, the Pellet Mill will not work effectively, the energy consumption is large, the output is small, and the particle quality is not good. To keep the material size in 3-5 mm range, you must need a high quality Hammer Mill to guarantee the yield!

Therefore, if you want to make profit in pellets production, you must take these factors into consider. And of course, you must choose the reliable machines! Macreat (Shandong) Machinery CO., Ltd is a professional supplier for pellet production line, and we can also offer solutions to our customers. Our considerate services and high quality machines have already gained reputation all over the world for us. Choose Macreat, we will help you to seize your success!

We trust that our experience and intimate knowledge of this line will entitle us to your confidence.


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