4 ways to make your pellet mill life extension of 20 years

Release time : 2017-04-05

4 ways to make your pellet mill life extension of 20 years.

1. The biomass pellet machine suddenly from the granulation room issued abnormal sound:

This means that the granulation chamber into the foreign body, such as screws, nails, etc., screws or nails will be stuck in the ring die  hole, when the roller over the squeeze this point .

When the support will appear dangling the noise, because of screws, slightly. This situation will be serious damage to the roller and the roller bearing.

Therefore, it is necessary to stop the machine working and inspect of Debris in the granulation chamber, and remove timely,

It is best for the raw material to be through the magnetic separator election magnetic before entering the pellet mill, because the iron will seriously affect the life of pellet machine.

2. If the raw material moisture is too high, there will be two cases happen:

1) Blocking the phenomenon. So we try to test the raw materials in the water after the construction, if the moisture is too high when we have to dry, and try to avoid the wet pellets when the construction will increase the load on the pellet mill ,It is affected the normal operation of the pellet machine .

2) There will be no material; roller and ring die have been slipping, when the granulation of the raw materials by the rubbing of the paste will directly plug the die hole.

So it is necessary to control the material moisture is about 15%.

3. The automatic lubrication pumps alarm:

Because of the production environment of the biomass pellet machine, dust will enter the automatic lubrication system and cause the tubing to be clogged, so the pressure surge system will issue an alarm. Lubrication system is not normal, the general responsibility of the operator will not be enough attention, but the consequences of this bearing cannot get timely lubrication, resulting in bearing damage, which you have to spend much money repairing.

4. The biomass pellet machine production capacity decreased;

Biomass pellet machine is as a high energy consumption of the molding equipment. As power loss, the capacity cannot come out,

Which will increase the cost, so the production needs to be reduced after the first stop the feeder, and then clean the granulation room, finally adjust roller and ring die gap before making pellets.

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