Complete Wood Pellet production line

10t/h wood pellet production line ,compact structure ,space and labor saving


1. Chipping Process (Wood chipper)

Prepare wood logs to be used , crushing wood logs into chips with size no more than 2-5cm.

2.Crushing  Process (Hammer mill )
The hammer mill is used to further crush these wood chips into sawdust  with the size less than 3-6mm.

3.Drying process (Dryer )

To meet pelletizing process condition, It  will need the dryer to dry the raw material

moisture should be no more than15 %.

4.Pellet making process (Pellet machine )

Squeezed the wood powder by a pellet mill through the contact of roller and die. a vertical  ring die pellet machine should be used at this stage.

5.Sieving Process (Vibrating sieve)

Sieve the pellets that quality not high. Some pellets will be broken shape during the processing . Separate the improperly formed pieces by shaking or sifting them through a screen.

6.Cooling Process (Cooler)

Cooling the pellets temperature.

When the pellets outputs from the pellet mill, Its temperature is about 60℃.

After passing the cooler , the pellets temperature is higher than the nature outside temperature 5-10℃

7. Packing Process (Packing machine )

Packing the pellets in 10-50kg/ bag .

how to make wood pellet ? the process of making wood pellet ? what's the material to make pellet ? can rubber wood make pellet ? can palm shell make pellet ?

After Sale Service

Providing customers with whole considerate services

warranty period: one year

*Service as core:
Providing the soonest solutions to customers within 24hours

*Technical support:

Engineers are available for every customers' technical training and technical advice.

It should be mentioned that impurities in the raw materials like metal or stone, may damage the die and rollers of pellet making machine.


1.Highly integrated .Equipment space three-dimensional layout, compact structure. Second floor maintenance platform to facilitate equipment maintenance and less occupied area. Fully enclosed structure, production with sawdust proof .
2.Highly automation. The production line adopts the PLC control system ,easy to operate .
3.The pellet production line uses recycle sawdust from dust collector ,which assure the Sawdust proof .
4. The top of the pellet machine is equipped with a simple manual lifting tool to facilitate the maintenance of the pellet machine and ring die replacement.

simple manual lifting tool on the pellet machine
5.The machine has the functions of  Vibrating sieve and unter-flow coolers,improving the efficiency and reducing the equipment volume.

screener and cooler on the pellet production line
A screw shaft and two dialing shaft into a triangular arrangement, to prevent the silo does not feed the problem, improve the system stability.
screw shaft and two dialing shaft into a triangular arrangement on the pellet machine


- Capacity: 1t/h-1.5t/h, 2t/h-3t/h, 4t/h-6t/h, 6t/h-8t/h, 8t/h-10t/h or even more.
- Dimensions: Designed according to specific requirements.
- Power consumption: would be listed in the quotation, actual consumption is 20-30% lower than theory.

1.Will you send engineers to install the plant?
Our machines are well designed and easy installation. Engineers will be send when clients meet problems they can’t solve by themselves.
2.How about the quality of your products?
The materials we used purchase from stable supplier and our quality controller guarantee each process no-mistake. Most of our clients’ feedback said that LIDA has good quality control and the machine have good performance.
3.Do you provide after-sale service?
We believe that after-sale service is one of the most important section in whole sales process. So, our team will treat every client by a high standard.What's the lifetime of the wearing parts?. If you have any question after purchase, we will solve them.
4.What about the size of the final wood pellet product?
The pellets diameter between 4 to 12mm.Our standard ring die diameter are 6,8,10mm. We can also offer customization for each client.
5.What's the lifetime of the wearing parts?
It depends on the materials you use. The fewer impurities, the longer wearing parts will use. If you pay more attention to maintenance, it will make lifetime longer.


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