Bucket elevator


Bucket elevator is made up of a series of hopper fixed by uniform traction in unprovoked, materials be conveyed in vertical state. There are two forms the chain elevator and belt elevator . Bucket elevator with throughput, and enhance the high degree of high, stable and reliable operation, long life and other significant advantages, the equipment is suitable for conveying powder, granular and non-small-block mill and grinding of small materials, such as: coal, cement, stones, sand, clay, ore and so on.


1. The bottom of the frame adopts circular arc shape, and the residual material is few, so it is easy to clean.
2. This machine is widely used domestic lifting equipment, used for vertical transportation of various powder, granular materials,  and the power is to match according to the height.
3. New generation elevator in domestic, equipped with observation holes and tensioning device. High capacity, stable performance.
4. The plastic covered on the front wheel makes lifting efficiency higher. Grid struction of bottom wheel can prevent the belt from material and deviation.
5. Arc-haped bottom of base, less residual and more convenient cleaning. Cylinder adopts dedicated folding combined process, high strengh and good sealing.
6. With strong bucket or polyester nylon bucket, it has the advantage of lower extension, durable and reliable.


Hoist Model LD250 LD315 LD400 LD500 LD630 LD800 LD1000
Hopper type J T
Transportation quantity m3/h 15-25 32-46 50-75 84-120 135-190 216-310 340-480
Hopper mm 250 315 400 500 630 800 1000
Bucket width L 3 6 12 25 50 100 200
Bucket mm 200 200 250 320 400 500 630
the distance
Chain mm 100 100 125 160 200 250 315
number of branches 1 2
single fracture load(minimum) KN 112/160 160/224 224/315 315/450 450/630 630/900
Chain pitch diameter mm 386.37 386.37 482.96 618.19 772.74 965.92 1217.06
Spindle speed rtm 24.71 24.71 19.78 15.45 13.26 9.89 7.85


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